Breathe easier.
Introducing X-halo:
A revolution in asthma management.
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The future of home asthma management in the palm of your hand.

Introducing X-halo
X-halo is the first device of its kind: a clinically proven, handheld, easy to use device that allows asthmatics and parents of paediatric asthmatics to track their airway inflammation (or, AI) levels easily, at home every day.

How Can X-halo help you?
If you are an asthmatic or the parent of a child with asthma, X-halo can significantly improve the way you manage your own or your child's asthma because the better you manage AI, the better you manage your asthma.

When used regularly at home on a daily basis, X-halo provides asthmatics with a real-time understanding of AI levels in their lungs - allowing them to make better informed lifestyle, medication and treatment choices.

Before X-halo, this could only be done in a hospital.

Click here to find out how X-halo can be beneficial to you or your child's individual situation.