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Benefits of X-halo


The world’s first Breath
Thermometer a new and
revolutionary way to measure
your temperature.

Increased exhaled breath
temperature signals airway
inflammation in the lungs
caused by air pollution

“Inflammation is a universal
pathological reaction and
is characterised among other
things by increased heat
production / higher temperature”

- Dr T. A. Popov Member and
Distinguished Fellow of the American
College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology

Easy to use – simply inhale
through your nose until you
lungs are full then exhale
completely through your
mouth into the x-halo.

Clinically proven with 10 years
of research and over
100 clinical studies done by
leading hospitals

Non-invasive and
user-friendly interface.

Can be used
with adults and children

Accurately measures
the rise in exhaled
breath temperature (EBT)
to 0.03°C

Alerts you to take action
to protect your family from
air pollution

Your temperature is displayed
and stored automatically on
your phone for easy tracking
of your temperature