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X-halo – A revolutionary breath thermometer is a powerful new tool in the treatment of asthma
Many asthmatics around the world are not diagnosed until the symptoms are severe enough to prevent normal daily life, in part thanks to the limited number of tests for early screening. The X-halo breath thermometer promises to change that.

Breakthrough research has found airway inflammation in asthma is directly linked to exhaled breath temperature, which rises by up to 1.2 degrees Celsius before an attack. While its assessment can be achieved non-invasively via eosinophil quantification, the methods used, sputum induction and nasal lavage are by no means pleasant for the patient to endure nor do they provide you with immediate results. Portable spirometry which can gauge airway diameter change, from measuring expiratory flow rates, impart no information on the inflammation status.

Advantages of X-halo
Non-invasive and user-friendly interface
Can be used with adults and children
Accurately measures the rise in exhaled breath temperature (EBT) to 0.03°C
Easy to use - patients inhale through the nose and exhale via a mouthpiece into a portable environmental canister. Each exhalation heats the thermal core inside.
A measurement is recorded once the core’s temperature reaches equilibrium in 3 to 4 minutes. The final temperature is displayed and stored automatically.
Built-in flash memory stores up to 122, 400 measurements
Data can be downloaded to a computer via USB port
Fully portable and mobile device
Does not need to be plugged in; powered by 2 AAA batteries

What will X-halo mean for your practice?
Enhanced diagnostic resources for the detection and management of asthma
Improved clinical outcome for your patients [1]
Increased productivity – save time
Lower operating costs – reduce lab services/charges

1. Detection of airway inflammation in asthma patients means improved titration of inhaled corticosteroids and for them better control of their symptoms and quality of life.