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Q. Does having a normal daily life rank high on your wish list?
A. According to recent published health reports, [1,2] living with asthma remains a challenge for most individuals based on the following facts and figures:

  • Trends show an increasing number of hospital admissions for asthma, especially in young children, and reflects a rise in severe asthma and poor disease management.
  • Among asthmatics surveyed internationally, 25 to 47 percent reported having an unplanned emergency appointment over a 12 month period.
  • Asthma continues to have a major effect on individuals’ social life and physical activities, as well as school and work.
  • Due to disabilities asthmatics on average lose 15.3 years of normal life.

Q. Would knowing in advance an asthma attack is coming make a difference in your life?
A. The X-halo is an innovative new tool that breathes new life in the fight against asthma. Breakthrough research has found airway inflammation in asthma is directly linked to exhaled breath temperature (EBT), which rises by up to 1.2 degrees Celsius before an attack.

  In an effort to improve the management of asthma Delmedica Investments of Singapore is introducing a device that easily and accurately measures the temperature of a patient’s exhaled breath. The ability for doctors, patients and/or family members to measure accurately changes in exhaled breath temperature in a non-invasive and user-friendly way offers a new way of controlling respiratory illness before the patient presents with severe symptoms.

Q. Is the X-halo available now?
A. Due to limited production of the new device X-halo is only being offered to researchers and pediatric, lung and allergy specialists at this time. This version may be used for asthma patients in clinics, but it is not for public sale. Another smaller, easier to use, X-halo is being developed for personal use in the near future.

1. US, Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific and Japan (Braman SS. The global burden of asthma. Chest 2006; 130:4S:-12S).

2. Bousquet J and Khaltaev N. Global surveillance, prevention and control of chronic respiratory diseases: a comprehensive approach, WHO 2007.