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Managing Asthma with
To help improve the management of asthma and other respiratory diseases, Delmedica presents the X-halo, a device that simply and accurately measures the temperature of a patient’s exhaled breath. Studies have shown that exhaled breath temperature can increase by up to 1.2 degrees before an asthma attack.

Using the X-halo is easy – the patient just has to inhale through the nose and exhale into the device, which houses a chamber with a thermal core. Each exhalation increases the temperature inside this reservoir until equilibrium is reached and can be measured by the thermal sensor. The final temperature is automatically displayed and stored. In fact, up to 122,400 measurements can be stored and then downloaded via a USB port.

The X-halo offers doctors, patients and family members an easy and non-invasive way to accurately measure changes in exhaled breath temperature. It is one major step in helping to control respiratory illness before acute symptoms occur.

Delmedica’s award-winning and revolutionary breath thermometer measures up mass-market entry.